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Atheist. Bright. These two nouns are not synonyms.

Plné spektrum svetonázorov
Plné spektrum sve­to­ná­zo­rov.

Most folks within the constituency of Brights eventually come to understand that fact. Still, you may see someone somewhere saying that there is a simple equivalence between “being a bright” and “being an atheist.” Not so.

  • If you happen to be a bit shaky about how these two terms of iden­tity differ, then perhaps give the matter a bit more thought.
  • There are several places on the website where distinctions were addressed early on in the initiative.


The Brights movement is just that, a Brights movement

Identity Considerations

Is a Bright an atheist?

The Brights’ Net is a Constituency of Brights… Period

Context matters. Those who identify as atheist (or ag­nos­tic) usually have reached a conclusion (about deity) derived within the context of re­li­gion (and usually in response to it). The ease or difficulty one may have in reaching and/or stating their stance is generally in response to the cultural strength of en­com­passing religion.

The colorful spectrum diagram above invites you to recognize that an atheism assertion is specific, and it comes about in reaction to religion (its claims, appeal, vocabulary, etc.).

A naturalistic worldview is set in the far and wide of the “whole of it” context, so being a bright involves a broad panorama and how one responds to an expansive expe­rien­tial scope – just every­thing!

Notice. There are definitely some atheists who would not be brights! They hold to ESP or a accept one or more of the many hundreds of available para­nor­mal forces, entities, etc. that humans have conceived of. (Perhaps you will be asked by some atheist friend for your astro­lo­gical sign.) A bright holds no super­na­tu­ral or mystical agency or entity in mind as they view the world that they live in… the whole kit and kaboodle.

Notice also, regarding religion. Some brights do retain a no­mi­nally or culturally religious identity, even if they ignore or just don’t give credence to miracles and such. They appreciate the traditions, conventions, music, etc. but remain brights at heart (in their personal worldview).

Autori: Mynga Futrell a Paul Geisert, The Brights‘ movement.

Viac sa dočítate v bulletine č. 215 (The Brights‘ Bulletin, de­cem­ber 2023).

Uverejnil: Ján Parada.

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